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Ukelele makes it possible for the player to really focus on the instrument. It doesn’t get in the player’s face and it doesn’t get in with the background noise. The sound is the player’s body, so it has to be tuned down.

The tuning down and the speed also make the instrument very effective in both the acoustic and electric ukulele.
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Mental Health Foundation publishes the National Health and Social Care In The Future: The NHS and its Future Report, on 14 January 2015. Download a free copy of the report for download

The national healthcare system is ageing and it needs to deliver the care needed today and in the future, according to a new report by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF).

The new report, Mental Health Foundation’s National Health and Social Care In The Future, sets out what is needed to maintain and invest in the current NHS system. The MHF report draws on expert opinion across all sectors with an emphasis on the NHS and mental health and wellbeing in England.

MHF says there needs to be a national effort to ensure people with mental health problems are able to access relevant mental health services – particularly those that will be most relevant to them in the future.

MHF is calling on the government to:

Create a new national mental health funding agency to deliver a national mental health vision

Introduce a mental health strategy for England, which will help to deliver a long-term strategy for helping people to recover from mental illness in England

Introduce a £1bn investment plan to boost the use of social support programmes, helping people to recover from mental illness in England

Support the NHS and mental health service providers to continue to improve the overall care, treatment and support for people with mental health problems, and to invest in the future of mental health services in England

In June 2015, the MHF announced a partnership with the Department of Health to support the delivery of the government’s mental health funding strategy across a wide range of departments and agencies.

MHF’s report outlines what can be done to ensure the care and support that patients need. It calls for:

An independent review of the NHS mental health plan to ensure it is implemented as planned

An early review to assess the role and performance of the social care system for people with mental health problems under the NHS and social care social care reforms

A comprehensive approach to mental health integration, including a new community-led approach for mental health

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