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MusiCares UK recommends it for beginners, but may not be able to play well if there is something wrong with it. If that’s the case, consider buying it directly from the maker.

How long do I need to get used to a concert ukulele?

It takes time to learn.

I’m not sure if you are a beginner.

It will take some practice. If by chance you are a beginner and you are wondering how to learn, I suggest that you use something other than the “Start listening” page to help you get started. I’d like to mention that there are online lessons for beginners on the MusicUK website. Check it out, make the first steps and if necessary, read some other tips before you write in and buy an instrument by the time you’re done.

Where can I learn about piano and violin lessons?

Some of our pianists regularly teach students. Contact us for further information.

What does it take to become an instrument technician to make the most of music on our instruments?

The only qualifications that you need to make good are a desire to learn and a willingness to dedicate yourself to it. All you need is the desire to go on with an instrument and a certain amount of determination, so if you’re interested in trying it with some strings, practice with them one day and don’t forget: You need experience!

How do I get a second one?

If you’d like to get a second instrument, you’ll need to contact us. You can contact us via the contact box in the top navigation bar. You can also read more about instruments at our main instruments page.

How can I learn new chords if I already know chords?

Try out a few different things. Try different keys, play some easy songs, add a chord on a key-like rhythm, or just try a new chord in a free chord app on your iPhone or iPad. Check out some chords for yourself with our chord chart generator:

What should I do if I feel I can’t play or understand a tune?

Try to do something that you feel is fun, something that has always made you happy, or something that inspires you as an instrument player. It’s important to think, “what makes me happy?”

How can I find out more about the UK Concert Ukulele Society?

There are a few ways to find out more. You can:

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