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Nope! I’ve been making my favorite uke for over 22 years and, after having so many players tell me they are so happy with the sound of their ukulele, that its not getting any better. This is a very complex instrument to learn and it takes some time to really grasp the concept of how your fingers connect to those strings. After a year of practicing, you will start to find yourself playing much better than your guitar teacher thought you would!

Is it possible to learn ukulele at this skill level?

Of course, but that will take time. For my personal ukulele learning, here’s how it will work:

I usually write a little introduction to the ukulele to help ease in and begin. Each month, I will record one song in the ukulele and use that as a teaching tool for a few months. This will be my goal: I want to create a collection of ukulele songs that will be both fun to learn and will be accessible to all players regardless of skill level.

What makes Uke Uka unique?

The ukulele is, without a doubt, one of the most musical instruments you can play! The ukulele offers a number of interesting sounds to discover. If that is not enticing enough for you or you want to delve into other fun sounds such as the harmonica, then you are in luck. Here is an easy breakdown of different sound types of the ukulele:




Sedans & Flutes
Getting to Know Chord Families on the Ukulele - dummies

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