Is saxophone harder than guitar? – How To Learn Ukulele Fretboard Stickers Ukulele

I haven’t heard the latter.

It depends on who you’re playing with. On guitars that have a bass pedal there are less ways to play, so it’s more difficult.

A saxophone also has more notes, but they run out faster, which makes it harder. The saxophone that I’ve gotten good on is a little smaller, but then you also need to be aware of how much your grip can take. If it’s a small one, the grip is not going to be that nice. It’s very nice that the saxophone has so much sustain to it. I’m very into it.

On the other hand, the guitar and guitar amp tend to be heavier and require a higher level of finesse, so you usually have to be more on your toes to play that kind of music.

You mention more on your guitar amps. I’m sure we’ve run into some players in the last couple years who have been using different kinds of amps. Do you use the same kind of amp for all of your songs? How do you get from one to the other?

I’ve used the same amp for so long right now. I’ve got a Marshall JCM800 and some kind of a distortion box and a pair of Marshall JTM175 speakers, which are two Marshall power amps. So I have all of these devices and they work great on all of my gigs.

Usually with this kind of music, because you’re playing in different parts of the song, you have to get more and more creative with the amps. I’m always kind of thinking and building and tinkering and building stuff from my room to my rack and trying to come up with different sounds or different ways to try and add complexity in the song, or change the tone.

A lot of people think about how you’ll change the dynamics of the song and that is, of course, the same stuff that people do in a live setting in a concert hall, but sometimes we have a very, very specific idea about the song. Sometimes I’m having to change something about the song for that day or for a whole week, and on that day you’re just kind of trying to figure it out. It’s quite difficult to try and come up with something new with anything.

What are the best and worst things about working with Steve Perry? Any tips for aspiring saxophone players to avoid?

I think it’s a bit of luck. He’s one of the best. Any

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