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For me the easiest guitar is a Gibson, you play it, I can do a guitar lick, a guitar break, a guitar solo etc… Guitar is a real “one man show”. As a guitarist the thing that I don’t like is a lot of guitar players trying to play guitar solos. It doesn’t work that way. If in the middle of a solo (or in a section I want to play), I will just say, “Okay I am going to play this in C” and then continue with other parts because I am not afraid to improvise.

What guitar lessons do you have?

I play on guitar all the time, I play a lot of blues and country songs etc. Some of the best lessons I have are from Jason Wilson of ‘Troubadours’ and his classes. I really enjoy learning.

You are known for your use of blues and R&B songs as soloing. What is the difference between songs that have such strong blues and R&B influences?

The only song that I think is really good is “Blue Suede Shoes”(it’s a song that I love the guitar solo that goes with it), but I play in a blues band so I play a lot of R&B.

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A simple design tool with lots of options

I like this design tool because the option list is huge and you can make changes on any element of the design easily. The interface looks pretty good too.

The one thing is that I want to get a better idea from what is on the screen. If the main thing is an image, the tool should let you change it. I’d love to see a feature that allows you to set image in advance and make it look like you added on.

A problem I have is that I need to select which tool I want to start to change it. To do that I press the + and + and it jumps directly to the selected tool. In the last picture (below) I want to change something to the right, but the first tool is too large and I just want to start from the first tool. The first tool should have been moved. A tiny bit of extra spacing would let me make the change that I want to make. All the nice functionality does not make the tool to smaller than the screen so it is very hard to navigate around it.

Overall a great choice and a fantastic little

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