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You must be a good enough player to have a consistent rhythm guitar line to play around with. The guitar can be played like drums for short periods – but after 4 notes, it becomes a really fast pattern. If you can play a single chord, then you can learn much more, but you can be playing with only a few notes and with no chords behind it. That means lots of improvising, playing a lot of small songs, and a lot of slow-burning songs.

We have a lot of stuff in here, which we’ll do on the album.

Do you have a particular approach or music that inspires you?

Everything I write is inspired by other things…I think you can find something out about yourself when you know, from an early age, when you’re going to be listening to music or reading about music. The Beatles are a good example – they were very influenced by, well, just everything. They were just always listening and studying. They were always doing the best they could with what they had. It’s the same with me.

How do you get out of doing this?

Just doing what you do. I don’t think you can go crazy – in fact that’s a bad thing to do. You have to know what you are doing and try not to waste time. And if you find someone who’ll play with you, it’s the best way to keep your feet on the ground.

What’s next – do you have any songs planned for release?

It’s hard to say – there are certain things that are always on the agenda. We’re really excited about that new album, which we’ve been doing all year, but it’s going to take a lot of work. It’s got to make a lot of money or it won’t happen. That’s what we worry about.

How is the process of recording and mixing different kinds of music like?

If you just start going around, looking at everything, you’re going to waste time because you think you know everything about what you’re doing, and you probably don’t. You just start going around, and not looking at what you’re doing, but what you think you know. Then you have to start questioning things. You have to come up with questions so you can decide if you’re doing something right, and if you’re doing it wrong.

Do you get any feedback?

You’ve got to come up with questions so you can

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