What do you call someone that plays the bass?

a hobo? a drunk? a manchild.

“There are many different ways of describing the world around him,” a woman in the crowd told me. “But we can’t get around it: He is an artist.”

Sugar and Spice, the popular and critically acclaimed show about family, is coming back to Adult Swim on September 29th. In early June, Adult Swim released a press release announcing that the show would return September 22nd, with plans for season 2 to begin on the 23rd, according to a statement provided to But there was yet a major update to the announcement, which Adult Swim later confirmed to Vulture is actually the beginning of Season 3.

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The statement that was released also stated, “We are in preproduction for Season 2 with Season 1 to premiere in 2015.” The statement included an indication that things will only continue to ramp up, with the release of Season 2 a mere month after that. Whether this means the third season will return to Adult Swim in February? That’s still unknown at the moment, so we’ll just have to wait and see after seeing last week what promises the rest of the season.

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After nearly four years, the battle is over.

On a freezing day last November, as temperatures in the mountains dropped to less than zero, two snowmobilers with some of the most prestigious motorsports licenses in the world set off on a grueling trek around the snow-capped mountains on the eastern side of the United States.

The men, named by U.S. Ski Jump Associations with a nod to their respective national associations, rode together to build a snowmobile trail along the Continental Divide Trail — a 10-mile route that connects Mount Snowmobil, a mountain town and ski season pass holder, to the snowmobile ramp at the top of the Grand Tetons, named for the famous mountains that once surrounded it.

A day after they finished, the four men, including an old friend from their ski jumping days who is now a ski instructor with the ski association, gathered in a cabin at the summit, prepared to spend the night. It turned out one person who couldn’t be in the cabin was the late Roger Pletcher, one of the biggest stars of the British ski jumping scene in the ’60s and ’70s, and the man who would help push this historic undertaking forward. Pletcher died