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It needs to be able to perform with a variety of music so that your friends and neighbors will love the instrument. A bass can easily play with a drummer, it is a great fit for a rock band. A viola can sing with a trumpet and an open string wind can carry a ballad. There are some good ukuleles out there. The one I was looking for was a bass for someone, with the following attributes: it’s light weight, small, small in size; it has great tone; and you will love the fact that it will be a good match for a wide variety of equipment. I think that it will be a perfect match to a bass, viola, or a guitar with a guitar amp mounted on it. I think that you will love it too.

On August 8, 2009, the world lost one of its last truly great men, Dr. James F. Tracy, president of the Mayo Clinic. He had been at that same facility for more than 42 years.

Tracy died after suffering brain damage following car accident, and was buried at his house near his family. He spent all of a month in a coma, barely eating or speaking, and did not awake for four days before doctors removed the brain stem, and his life support came off.

The accident had involved a Toyota Camry carrying 23 others. Tracy was thrown from the car and pinned under the driver’s side seat.

As the video below shows, Tracy was able to get out of the car. The vehicle struck a house, then another vehicle, on the first lane, where Tracy was thrown out of the vehicle into the street. He did not see the impact that crushed the car in front of him, and sustained only minor injuries.

The family’s house was located at 2628 South First Street East, a block west of Mayo Clinic where James Tracy was born. It was near “the park [where] he was known for walking his dogs,” as Mayo Clinic CEO Jim Pinto described it to me.

This isn’t to say that Tracy was in any way responsible. All the evidence suggests that his life could not have ended so quickly without assistance from others. While driving home that day, Tracy crossed three lanes of traffic on First Street in the southbound lane by failing to yield, and was struck head on by an SUV as he drove back to the hospital, struck by another vehicle. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

My friend, Michael, was the only

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