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The first time he ran into a wall at the University of Southern California, he realized it was his own.

The first thing he remembers was the pain and humiliation he felt when he had to pick up his own laundry. He had to go into his classroom one of the second-graders, whose homework assignment had given the assignment to write about a wall.

He stood up in front of his class and put his hands up to block an invisible wall that he later learned meant his face was being cut off.

“It was very humiliating,” said James, now a freshman at Southern California. “I was scared and scared I wasn’t going to be able to get back to my classes.”

For many students, even if they knew they had a problem, finding a counselor to talk to can be challenging.

For many students, even if they knew they had a problem, finding a counselor to talk to can be challenging.

To address the issue, Southern California created a new student center in October to provide counseling and peer counseling services to students who are experiencing issues at UC Irvine and may need additional support from campus resources in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

The center is an extension of the LGBTQ center in College of Southern California that opened in 2016.

The center is located in the Irvine Family Resource Center on the third floor, located just off of the Main Residence Hall.

Student housing is an area on campus with an aging population of about 1,000 students and some housing complexes have a lower concentration of students who are LGBTQ or bisexual, according to the Center for Student Health and Wellness, or CHEVH.

The center’s mission is to provide an “LGBTQ-inclusiveness friendly” environment “for all, and to meet the needs of students who identify as LGBTQ at UCI,” according to the statement.

The center also connects students with resources through a wide variety of professional, academic and emotional support programs and services, according to the CHEVH