What is the key of C on ukulele? – How Hard Do You Strum A Ukulele

The notes can be played fast, slow, slow fast. You are free to play this C on ukulele, that’s the key. This article will show you how to pick this ukulele.

What kind of strings should I pick?

You need two sets of strings for this ukulele making these two strings your starting. You can choose among the traditional strings of ukulele, like P.A.C and D or your favorite new ukuleles like N.C.G.T. (Natural Cut) N.C.G.T (Green Dot) and many more. But remember the main idea of playing these two strings is the same: to learn to control the high notes of C on ukulele. You want to play the highest note of these two strings, because they are the most important. So before you get really excited about picking or breaking the two strings, please first learn how to control the low notes of these two strings. So let’s talk about C on low strings.
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How to Play C on Low Strings:

The notes of C on low strings are called H.T.S., short for high Tonic to Sun. This note is the first one on G.T.C, G and C.

G.T.C: H.T.S.

So what is the H.T.S. sound of the strings? Well, the C.H.T.S. sound is very different from the C.H.T. sound of the high notes of C. The H.T.S. notes are fast and are the same as the C.H.T.s, except that they are a little deeper. This may not sound like a very big impact, but just know that the H.T.S. sounds are very strong and also the low notes of C are very light and a lot cooler than C.H.T.s. So when you play the strings that you have picked, it will sound very different from the C.H.T. music of C and will have a lot more impact to the music of C compared with the G.T.C. Music of C, C.H.T.s, P.A.C & D.

This is the C.H.T.s music on G.T.C, C.H.T.S. and then on

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