What size ukulele should I buy? – Learn Ukulele In 30 Days

There’s no set answer to this. This is a personal preference, so do what makes you happy.

I like the look of my ukulele but I do not want it to last. What should I do? Make sure it has a nice sound, and don’t worry if it’s not as sturdy or solid as the other options… the key thing if you use it as a guitar is to give it a bit of support before you use it onstage. For me, I find it’s okay getting it too far forward from the strings. Sometimes it’s best to simply place it on the top of the guitar at one end (not the body), so it can be more easily used without the hassle of strings resting on its side.

What shape do I need for my ukulele? The shape of your ukulele can affect the sound and feel of your instrument. This depends upon the wood used, its grain, and the number and sizes of the grooves. Check with your woodworker about the best shape for your uke.

Where will I keep it? You’ll keep it on your desk, the kitchen counter, the couch, or wherever else you like. It will last for decades and you will never look back. It should have at least 1/4″ of space between the top of the tuning peg and the head to support the body, neck, and bridge.

Do you need the original box (or the old case)? For the most part, you don’t. You should buy a box. If you can’t afford to purchase a beautiful wooden box, it may be better to buy one of the plastic ones that come already wrapped in wood. You can also order “box ready” ones from some online stores, to have ready for quick shipping. If you already have a box, you can simply make two new ones and slip them over the original to protect it. It will look nice and it’s a lot cheaper.

What size ukulele do I need to get perfect pitch? You’ll need a ukulele with a perfect pitch of at least 45 degrees. This is important. For a guitar, you just have 30/80 and a 45 degree pitch; that’s all. The ukulele needs to be at least this much.

What should I look for when buying my ukulele? The best way is to think about what you really need it for. Do you play country? Jazz?

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