Which ukulele should I buy?

I’m a beginner at the beginner’s guitar class and need a high quality beginner’s ukulele, or maybe some of the beginners ukulele’s. I would like to use my new ukulele on the soloing part of the show. What type of ukulele would I get? I’m thinking about getting a ukulele from ihekase or some of the other good ukulele dealers. Can someone recommend some good beginners ukulele’s? What kind of bass ukulele would I buy? Any suggestions?

Help me choose the right ukulele for me. I started to play ukulele just two years ago and i am very happy with my playing. But i’m trying to find that perfect ukulele that fits my playing style. My main concern is, which ukulele can deliver great sound quality and the best feel on the neck at all times. For me, I am happy with a beginner’s ukulele. It will allow me to create good sounds and i don’t need to make huge effort. What is my budget for a beginner ukulele and what kind of instruments should i get?

Banjo Ukulele
I love playing the ukulele, but I do have a few questions on how I can find the right ukulele at the right price. One thing that I need to ask is, how about buying a set from ihekase or another player, that are selling them online? I’ve looked on Amazon just in the past day or so and didn’t find anything, what should i be looking for to find the right ukuleles at home? And also, what are the pros/cons of buying a ukulele online? Any more advice? thank you.

Hey Matt, Thanks for your time in our forums! We’d like to get to know you more, so we read thru your question. I hope the answers are helpful to you. I don’t think i’m familiar with any ukulele pricing on Ebay to be honest. We’re actually working on a new site that will help those of you who want to know how much ukuleles will cost. One thing, though, that I’ve been hearing that doesn’t seem to make much sense, is uke price on Ebay. There seems to be a lot of confusion over this and the idea of price matching. We’ll definitely be addressing this one