Why does my ukulele sound bad? – Printable Ukulele Chord Chart For Beginners

The most common, in my experience, is that the ukulele is not tuned properly, for an unknown reason or combination of reasons:

You are not using the correct tuner for a specific guitar, instrument or set of settings. The tuner is set too far down, but you would still likely be fine with the low register tuning. You are in tune. But your tuner is tuned down too low and the fretting motion is bad.

The problem most often occurs in cases where the instrument or tuner is used for the first time and in which tuning is not used as a starting point.

I have found that my sound is really bad under certain conditions, and I think this is because I am not paying attention to the tuning and fretting action. I get a bad sound when I try to play with my fingers at a low register on this instrument.

For this reason, I have a few other ideas.

My fingerboard is too small. If I can change the fretting distance to make it narrower, that doesn’t help much. There is a lot of space between the frets, which means the fretting motion is quite different in the middle register when the fingers are wider than when they are narrower, and some other guitar players can compensate the sound somewhat, but the overall sound is generally awful. I think the small fretboard is the problem here.

My guitar setup has a high degree of fretted tension. While some of you may be convinced that this can make your instrument sound better, I find that the guitar setup is actually worse. I try to make the frets as close to straight as possible, so that the pitch is in tune. However, there comes a time when I have more frets than the frets make sense to hold, and I feel that the higher tension doesn’t really help.

The fretting motion feels unnatural. While this doesn’t matter for playing the guitar that way, I think the fretting motion is usually better suited for playing with a slightly more arched body.

My pick is too short. The most common method is to go back to my “standard” tuning and move the pick a good amount before making a cut in the string, this will allow the string to be cut more quickly through the air from the first note to the next note of the solo. This will also allow me to go through the song with the pitch of the strings tuned by the same degree as the scale

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