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CAT: We certainly have very good and great chemistry in the writing room together in our second season but we never really discussed it, because we don’t think we want to do it. We all just want to be happy doing what we do. You know, it’s kind of like a lot of things in life.

We have a great show and that is all we hope for and we do our best to do it. We are excited to see how it plays out because you never know — well we love it, it’s great fun and we love working with each other, and it has been an awesome ride.

So how have you guys been spending yourselves away from the crew and your families, away from the show when you’re home?

CAT: When we get back we’re going to have a great time. We are going to spend a lot of time on our property because we have all these amazing horses that we love, and our home is absolutely a big adventure home. Everything from being up all night and sleeping all day in our barn to riding horses and getting to meet all these people. It’s an incredible experience. It’s an incredible time. We love our neighbors there. I’ll admit, I feel a little homesick, but we love our neighbors there.

I’m sure the fan theories about the season finale have been pretty fun.

CAT: It’s definitely been an incredible ride. I’m glad they were interested in watching the season. If there wasn’t any desire to do it then I don’t think people would be interested.

Speaking of our neighbors are there going to be other surprises from our neighbors? We’ve had lots of theories and theories this year, what are we missing? What are we missing this season?

CAT: The answer should be pretty obvious, because they came in. We’re all in on the show and we’re all in on the characters and we’re in on the story and then you kind of find out when you get home. A lot of people in our world are watching it. We’re in a world where you go, “Oh well, that didn’t go too good” or “That didn’t go as well as I would have hoped.” So I’m happy to tell you that this is just the beginning for us. This is the beginning of the end for our characters, so I don’t think there will be any less crazy people in season four or whatever.


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