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Transviliquists are practitioners of transvestia, a fetish which is an attempt to “transdress” (modesty) a person (the penis). It can be a transvestic man playing with a penis he finds in a box. While it has been observed before in the US, it seems to date back to the 1970’s. This blog is not intended to promote these individuals or practices and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of this or any other practice. It is merely meant to highlight the problem. Transvestices

As I said in my first post: Transvestic fetishism originated in the late 1970’s and is often associated with the gay subculture of that time. The term “transvestic” was created by one of the earliest transsexual activists in the ’70’s. They called it “Transvestica” and it was the term they used to describe what they were doing. Transvestic is just a more descriptive term but still an extremely common description of what is taken to be a fetish. While it may not be the same as sex itself, people might be drawn to the idea of what is “transvestic” in themselves as people are drawn to the look and feel of a person.

“The main function of a transvestic is to hide something and feel comfortable. A transvestic does not want to admit to his condition for fear of being ridiculed. A transvestic knows that he is a different gender from the rest of society but still wants to feel “girly”. Since transvestites are attracted to both genders the sex of a wearer is invisible. Transvestic sex involves both a woman and a man and is always perceived both as having both of the gender’s attributes. It is the most common and most widely recognized fetish in the Western world. Many people have been known to engage in it in the interest of ‘passing’ or ‘dressing themselves’. People who engage in transvestic sex are not aware that they are doing anything other than pretending to be someone they know they are not.”

While it may or may not be sexually related, there are several characteristics of the typical transvestic which are relevant:

The penis is always present; it is “the focus”. Other than a man’s hands and a little skin, the only parts that appear “off” are their legs. In general, all genitalia are visible but transvestites do not generally wear any clothing to hide the genitalia.

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