How do you close your mouth? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Youtube Kids Movies

You could close your lips, or closed your jaws.

When did you start to be like that and why?

I think that I started to be like that when I was very little.

Your parents are divorced or you have a brother and sister. How do you explain your sister’s behaviour in your presence?

Oh, my parents are like my best friends.

When you are around your sister’s friends, what do you do?

I stay away from them.

What I do when I see your sister is that I stay away from them.

Are you a good friend?


Where is your real home?

In my room at home.

Do you play with your brother and sister?

Not really.

What do you play with?


Do you have a collection of weapons or weapons as a hobby?


When you say “weapons”, do you use real weapons, like a gun or a baseball bat (like your mother did at the time)?


When you say, “weapons”, do you ever use a real weapon (like a weapon?)?


Are you scared of snakes, spiders, and spiders?


When you say “yes” to the question “Do you scare snakes, spiders, and spiders?”, what are you thinking?

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What color is your hair (you didn’t just say that)?

Light brown.

You said that you went to the school where you learned how to be a girl?


Who did you ask, after you finished?

The head teacher.

How are there girls who have the same characteristics as you?

There are a lot of them.

What is your real name?

I don’t want to be called anything.

When you were a child, what did you do?

Go to the playground.

You were the kind of person who did things with friends or with people you’d never seen before?

I was the kind of person who would sit with my friends and watch a movie.

Why did you do that?

Because nothing else was going to be good for me.

What was your real name before?

I don’t remember anything.

What were

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