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It’s a term I’ve seen tossed around quite a bit lately. It’s basically the word you’re looking for. There are a number of synonyms, but only one that’s really important to know about.
We’re not talking about a regular, standard synonym here. We’re talking about the term that’s often used as a synonym for, well, almost any word that you might want to associate with a synonym for a term already on the market, as well as a synonym that’s not even a word—I’m sorry, but that’s not technically a word either. The one thing both of these synonyms have in common is that both are synonyms for the word that, in order to be a synonym in this specific case, you can simply make into a word if you want to.
So, one person might be referring to any one of these synonyms as a “synonym” when really they’re using these synonyms interchangeably. But, in essence, that’s exactly what they are. One person might say “a synonym for a term,” and they’re actually the synonym for the term. So, they’re not the synonym, but they’re the synonym.
Why do we care? Well, for one thing, we often need synonyms in our daily lives to help us do what they are supposed to do: connect words to ideas. If we’re going to refer to something as an acronym, we sometimes might want to say “synonym/Advisory Board” instead of “advisory board,” for example. Likewise, when we say “synonym” for “verb,” we often say “synonym for verb.”
This is because people tend to associate the two terms in a particular way based upon where they are in the sentence, and in the case of synonyms, where those two words are placed in the sentence really matters.
For example, suppose you were writing a sentence like this:
“Here I am at the top of a high hill, looking down to the ocean.”
You would say “top of a high cliff” instead when you meant “looking down to the beach” or “looking down to the ocean at the top of a cliff,” and you would say “top of a cliff” or “looking up at the ocean near the top of a cliff” instead of, for example, “up at the top of a big stone building overlooking the ocean.”
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Well, this is called a synonym,

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