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The puppetry world was rocked when Fator suddenly pulled out a sword in the name of science in June. After a long delay, Fator was able to show off his latest creation, an electronic weapon that has a rotating disc.

It’s unclear whether the weapon will make it to market, but Fator says the first test will be on a small-sized dog with an open heart. The weapon has an electronic trigger connected by a USB mini-b cable.

The weapon is not a new concept, and its popularity speaks to the fact that many people see it as a safe alternative to cutting a dog or cat’s throat.

But Fator hasn’t put his mind to making the technology a reality, instead concentrating his attention on his current puppet project of making robotic mice.

“Our goal at the Department of Veterans Affairs was to make every VA facility a better facility where veteran families can enjoy their quality of life. Unfortunately, we were unable to comply with our own regulations and that is a significant part of why we were forced to move locations, which resulted in a number of challenges, and is why we’ve been forced to bring in outside providers. The Department of Veterans Affairs has always been committed to patient care, our mission to care by the most efficient and economical methods to make the VA a better place to serve with compassion.”​

The New York Times (7/12/15) has a lengthy article by Richard A. Epstein entitled “A New Strategy for the Trump Administration.”

Epstein writes:

“Despite his bluster, Donald Trump has shown no interest in using his position of power to advance his agenda. Instead, he has made little to no effort to govern with anything less than the full extent of his broad powers. This has put a huge premium on his ability to avoid the kinds of scandals that plagued President Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush.”

On the whole, Epstein’s piece makes a convincing case for Trump not being more interested in governance, but less interested in being a political winner. In other words, Epstein is suggesting that Trump is a political loser, a loser whose electoral success may be an illusion.

As is customary on the NYT’s site, the first sentence of The New York Times piece ends with an “explanation.” Epstein writes:

“Over the past several months, Republican presidential candidates Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) have sparred on a wide range of issues—from foreign policy to

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