How much should I charge for videography? – Using Iphone For Youtube Videos

Our video pricing model is designed to meet the needs of videographers ranging from “budget” video producers to the “commercial” level videographers. As long as your footage is not commercially-produced and cannot be easily monetized, your footage will always be a “free” service.

So, if your video is about life in a community, then we’ll give you an option to pay $15-$20 per hour to be on our YouTube Channel. That’s $25-$30 per day, or almost $1,000 per month. Your footage will, no doubt, be great; no one will be able to make a profit off of it.

Can I rent a small digital camera to shoot my videos?

Absolutely. You can use any digital camera that allows you to do this, such as a Canon Rebel T3, Panasonic GH4, Panasonic DMC-GH2, Canon M100, Nikon D3300, Pentax K-S1.

Do you charge a fee for creating a new video?

No, we do not charge. Every video is created free-of-charge, and we’ll make sure to pay you via PayPal or direct deposit.

How often do I get paid?

We always try to provide some type of payment method via Paypal or cash. If you have an issue with the site because of a non payment, let us know.

Will you ship my footage outside the USA?

Yes! We’ll make sure all our US based clients are able to get their footage from their local film store.

Please be sure to specify the location of the store so we can give you the shipping cost.

Am I allowed to upload my footage to the internet at all?

Absolutely, and with very strict guidelines. Many websites and apps now allow you to upload your footage to their network. However, not every company is going to allow it.

We want to make sure our company is well protected from these people using unauthorized services – so please use this link to read and understand some important information.

As a film industry partner, we’ll also be on top of any and all legal concerns as needed.

What if I get a nastygram?

If you get a nastygram as a result of our website, we are sorry but we’ll refund your money in full as soon as our legal department can confirm whether we have found the responsible party in question or not.

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