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Telekinesis allows one to control objects by manipulating the force between two other objects with a single arm. In short, telekinesis creates a powerful force field that attracts a force or energy, allowing an object or force to flow through it and make physical contact with another. Telekinesis uses a variety of energy sources (eg. the Earth’s magnetosphere, magnetism, gravitation force) to make objects bend, rotate, or otherwise function as they wish, the ability generally has a very limited range.

A telekinesis weapon can make an object move or vibrate. Some uses of this type of power include making a creature to float up and then crashing the creature down to the ground, etc.


A character can use telekinesis to cause a boulder to fall through a table, or to manipulate a bar of soap, or to lift and toss various objects.

A character can use telekinesis to make his hands, arms, legs, or feet to appear and disappear or to control a person’s limbs, such as if an actor were controlling a man’s movements.


A character can use telekinesis to create an invisible force shield around his body. His power can also move metal to avoid obstacles or bullets as he pushes them back. To move one object from front to back, he can use his power.

An individual can use telekinesis to create two solid objects which will automatically slide to either side. The power can be used to make any part of a vehicle slide, move and bounce, or even lift/push/throw the vehicle.

A character can use telekinesis to cause the ground beneath one to rise up or sink down. When the ground falls, the character can use his power to cause things to bounce.


A character can use his telekinesis to cause the Earth to bend or vibrate.
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A character is capable of controlling electricity with telekinesis. This ability can create electricity bolts and explosions of electricity.

A character can use telekinesis to move objects while simultaneously slowing time, making it seem as if the object is walking, etc.


A telekinetic can control the direction of a projectile. Since their power is focused on the direction of a projectile, they are much stronger in terms of pushing and pulling the object. This

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