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A: Yes. Some people are more prone to mental disorders in general and to mental illnesses in particular: “schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression – even schizophrenia itself” says Mark Gurda “there is clearly some genetic component there.”

Some people are also less susceptible to being physically unhealthy or even suffering from obesity, while others are not.

In fact, mental illnesses are just some of the things that can lead to physical disease. This may seem like a contradiction, but it is a common perception across all cultures.

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“A certain type of personality can be more prone to physical illnesses and it seems as though the same things can happen to mental health” says Dror. “Just like people have different types of personalities, different mental health disorders can be characterised by different types of personality traits and it is very helpful to see these characteristics in a physical as well.”

Is meditation good for you?

In general, it does seem helpful. Meditation can help boost mental clarity and boost feelings of balance and stress relief. This is especially important because some mental illnesses, like schizophrenia are linked to depression (although there are also some health concerns for people who suffer from depression).

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It seems that no one is immune to the pain of losing their phone at home.

It’s tough enough for parents that their children don’t even bother to use their phones when it gets stolen from them. Parents that have lost their phones often can’t even find their missing phones — no matter how hard they try.

As of last weekend, the iPhone 7 may be the most popular model of iPhone in the United States because it’s the most popular model available on a smartphone. (The latest iPhones are starting to launch in the U.S. today.)

However, the iPhone 7 models are far less popular in Canada — according to a survey released Monday by Research Now, Canada has more people using their Android phones than ever before. While iPhones make up about 7 percent of all smartphones sold in Vancouver, it’s about 28 percent in Toronto and 26 percent in Montreal.

With over a million of those phones sold, the survey suggests that Canada may be on pace to lose more phones than most other nations — a large number of which are in Asia. This is

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