Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Onlineartlessons.Com

For acrylic painting you will have to adjust the dry times in your system. In the beginning you can use a simple brush to wet the paint. So be careful not to wet your brush too much. After the painting stage you will probably need to apply some drying chemicals. I usually only use a light sanding with water after the painting stage. After this you can use a brush with some fine tip which will dry the paint faster. But it will not help if you wet the brush too much. The more the paint is wet the less the wetting effect.

If you dry an area in the beginning you will most likely get a dull painting. I usually use a brush to wet the painting in the middle. I find that it looks like the paint has gone through so much more water than is normal when you use the wetting agents.

So the best way to do is to use it once and then leave it for 30 days. After that it will develop a very interesting effect. At first you will want to use this paint just for a few days because you want to adjust it some and find out what you like about it. After a week you can put it down and you want to use it only at that time. After a week you can put it down and use it only for a week. But I leave it in my system for some weeks. If you use too much you get a very dull effect. So when I have all the dry areas dry I will start using the dry brush and get the effect.

What is the best way to store the paint when you stop using it?

It depends on how you use it. When you use a lot of it and put it down in the airlock, you can use it all the time. So it will last a long time. When you put the paint down you have to dry it quickly. But you have to give it time to get that good effect.

It will never last more than 90 days when you use it so you can always use some in reserve as a last resort. As long as your paint can handle it, you will be fine.

I have a hard time putting the paint down in a container where a lot of things can get caught on the bristles. How do I store the paint?

I try one option of storing it. To put the paint down in a large container I do not have to touch it with my skin. The container is very easy to clean.

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