Can adults learn to draw?

As a toddler, I drew with special markers and used drawing books to train my mind. But like my toddler sister, I did not know how to make a character. My parents helped me, in the drawing classes that they taught me, but I did not know exactly how to draw a person. I was not looking to draw the whole human, but only some people. So, my friends had to draw the rest of the characters on their own. They drew a lot of people, then had me do their portraits. I got started on a project that required me do more than just their photographs. As one of my friends drew a character for the art class, “he put a lot of work into it and I never saw him again, except as a portrait on the wall.”

As an adult now, I can draw and copy people. So I ask students what they do best, and how they are able to draw the people and animals they see everyday. Some are able to draw animals and buildings just because of their training in drawing, for example, if they have been drawing for a long time. I don’t use training, instead I ask them to draw the faces, the personalities, and the emotions. As a result the students have a better understanding of what needs to happen to their drawings. If the teacher is right there I draw things that will be more real if they are real. That is how art is supposed to be real, just like music.

What are the skills required to draw, and how does that vary?

Drawing is different from drawing for photography, drawing for television, or drawing for advertisements or other forms of media. While most drawings will probably be able to be photographed, a picture in a book, a drawing in the back of a magazine, or a drawing in a book will usually be more difficult, if not impossible. As a result we learn more than just how to draw. We also learn how to think. I know many people who cannot draw and think. If I were to ask them how they thought they could become more effective in their drawings, I would not be disappointed.

If I were to ask young people the same questions I asked a lot of adults, they would almost always say they just need to learn it. How can I help them learn to draw? In other words, can you teach them? As a teacher I have no way to help anybody learn, to teach them when learning is hard, that they need to work on drawing