Can adults learn to draw? – Painting Sea In Acrylics

There is a place on the web that teaches how to draw using a computer (and yes, I believe this is a place where you can learn to draw using drawing software!)

For a more detailed explanation of this subject, check out this fantastic article from the New York Times.

For more on drawing, check out our page on drawing methods.

Who can draw?

Can you draw a person?

A person can be drawn, especially if it’s a human being!

It’s not clear how these findings fit into Mr. Obama’s overall plan, although he has been promising to address issues like joblessness that have fallen disproportionately on blacks. If he continues his policies through 2017, the White House estimates, black unemployment would fall from 9.9 percent to 8.1 percent.

The data on the unemployment rate in this era, which is adjusted to take out the impact of the Great Recession, are based on a survey of private-sector workers that has a sample size of about 1,600 blacks. That measure has been more volatile than the employment-unemployment rate, in large part because its results tend to be less reliable at measuring the change over time of a black worker than the overall employment rate. But economists say there is evidence that the unemployment rate has been falling for both blacks and whites. And while they caution that any new data may be unreliable, the trend is more encouraging for blacks than for whites.

That can be seen, too, in the data on the share of blacks and whites in the working-age population of 16 to 64, the population that is the main source of new-employer payrolls but that also tends to have high unemployment. In 2000, for example, the black share, about 13 percent, was the same as the white share, about 7 percent. By 2012, the gap narrowed to a more manageable 9 percent. And the white share, though still slightly higher than it was before 2004, has edged down to about 8 percent, as Mr. Obama announced last month.

But the decline has not been uniform in the U.S. Over the last five or 10 years, blacks have been more vulnerable to unemployment than whites. The black-white wage gap has narrowed in every year the survey, although it has begun to narrow again in 2015, after the labor market began to recover.

These changes to black unemployment have been more pronounced than those occurring in the overall economy. Since 2000, the unemployment rate among blacks

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