Can anyone be good at drawing?

Ohh wait, can anyone be good at drawing, then what’s this… what about me!

Can anyone be good at drawing in two dimensions? Okay fine, but only if I draw it from multiple angles?

“A lot of us thought he was dead when his body was found and we wanted to find somebody and call the police on him,” said one of the teens. The teenager said it did not take long for the girl to be located.

This is a quick recap of my experience. I’ll include links to a summary of my impressions, along with some pictures of my build (which I have uploaded on the internet (and I hope I haven’t spoiled much). I’ve included photos of the hardware that was brought from Taiwan so that you might identify it. There are no photos of the laptop itself. But if I could take a picture, I’d just take a high quality picture, but I wouldn’t want to leave any information to chance.

Update 2: This story has gotten a lot more attention at the time I started writing it, and I’d like to say thank you to people who have sent over feedback and encouragement on Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere. I appreciate it.

Update 3: I have decided to publish this post without photos (or any other notes of my build). It was in the process of being edited, but here are the photos:

A lot of people have expressed satisfaction with the build, or at least that the laptop doesn’t suffer from issues (that I have experienced) when under the influence of alcohol. I found that to be true to a large extent, but I wasn’t willing to take that risk. If alcohol really does affect the laptop, the likelihood is it’s a bad batch and I should have kept my expectations somewhat lower.

Anyway it’s been many months since the build was completed, and I’m not in desperate need of a laptop. I don’t have an extra room to add another computer, as I’ve already got two Dell Latitudes, one of them running Windows 8 (no touch) and one running Linux (Intel Atom / Atom Z3580):

These new machines are quite large, and while I haven’t had any issues with their design or components, I can say nothing is foolproof. I’d say a laptop with the same dimensions as mine probably isn’t going to survive my long periods of use. This is why I opted to replace this machine with a Lenovo C720.