Can I learn painting online?

A: Yes, that’s where you start. If you’re a beginner, you can start on the free side with painting classes at a few local art institutions like The Huntington (see the link below for the schedule). You can also purchase some paint from local art galleries. I recommend The Dorkness Gallery if you’ve ever been to Los Angeles or San Francisco. They have a great variety of art supplies at reasonable prices. The Art Galleries of Southern California offers painting classes at many of the area’s best local museums.

Q: How do I start painting on the computer?

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A: Begin by downloading and installing the free Paint.NET software from Paint.NET’s website. Once you have Paint.NET installed, you can start painting online by using a free Paint.NET desktop application. The app requires you to connect to a network to the internet in order to use it. If you don’t already have one, get one on your computer. You can also create your own paintings using the online Paint.NET software using a drawing program of your choice. Once you have the software open, click on the ‘Create a Paint.NET App’ button, select where and when you are going to paint, and click ‘Start’. After you start, you may need to ‘stop’ the painting to save the new image, which is a matter of a few seconds. Click on the ‘Start’ button until you are back on the home screen. (Click on the screen to refresh this page if you have problems.) The ‘Create a Paint.NET App’ button opens an interface that will allow you to create your first painting from the online Paint.NET GUI, as well as to add colors, layer masks and other tools. After that you’ll need to copy the new file to your desktop and to add all of the layers to the drawing. (See Paint.NET’s user tutorials or tutorials on how to use the online GUI)

Q: I want help painting online!

A: Paint.NET offers several resources that will help you get started quickly. The online Paint.NET paint tutorial has a link to the online Paint.NET tutorial and a series of online Paint.NET tutorials. The ‘Online Painting’ section has a list of online painting resources for beginners, and how-to’s for each. Each tutorial has a link to a forum thread where people can talk about painting and discuss any further questions.

Q: How do I keep painting my creations? Will there