Can you go to art school if you can’t draw?

We’re not all good at it, but we’re not all that bad either, so we’ve definitely got a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to making these characters look great. I want to try a few more techniques with this comic. I’m pretty keen on making them more realistic and I’d like to see where that takes me!

Any idea when we can expect the finale? Is it just going to be a comic without the mystery?

My hope is that in the next issue we get some answers on how we got here. A lot of my favorites come out of the mystery, so maybe some of them will make sense. However, that will probably come with the next issue, so until then…stay tuned!

I can’t wait to see how everyone on this crew end up being brought together with their respective worlds as they continue to fight. What can we expect from the final battle? Do you think there’s going to be any more surprises?

We haven’t even begun to explain everything that happens next yet with the comic, and it’s going to take weeks to really nail down the details, like what happened to how the crew is still alive and how long it will take them to get back here. Hopefully we’ll find a way to make this exciting and emotional in the final issue.

As the most prominent political blogger to have ever been arrested and released on bail, I can now reveal that I was released from prison earlier today and will be meeting you at the Southbank Centre tomorrow. In fact, I’ll be in the audience in the pub at the same time as you.

In all, more than 70 members of the press were invited into that room at 10.30 in a matter of minutes. The following list is of some of the big names present: Andy Coulson, Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Gilligan, Andrew Neil and Sarah Montague.

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The door then closed behind them.

This morning, we were told the trial is going to be held in a couple of days. The police have said they believe that the judge will be able to deliver a verdict within 10 minutes this afternoon, but they do not think it’s realistic for the jury to reach the same conclusion.

This is not a one-off. There will be a trial at the Southbank Centre, where I’ll be appearing for my own personal reasons only, but others are also due in. All of us, if convicted, will receive a fine –