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In most cases it isn’t necessary to install anything additional besides Open Street Map to create your courses. It’s only necessary if you have the free online program Adobe® MapCreator installed on your computer. If you don’t have the program installed yet, visit Adobe website and install it for free to see all of the tools and content you need to create course outlines.

I am trying to create a course using this PDF files file. What are the errors I am getting?

For the best experience, you might want to download an Adobe® PDF reader such as Reader X or Adobe Acrobat®. If you can’t find the PDF reader, you will get an error message when the PDF files are opened. If you can’t download the PDF file in the Adobe reader, and you want to open the file by yourself, see Adobe tutorials on how to open PDF files.

Is it possible to create my course using Open Street Map?

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Yes, although the instructions can only be downloaded once you have downloaded, installed and opened the Adobe Reader free. If you can’t download the files, you will get an error message when you open the file. If you can’t open a PDF or other type of file in Acrobat Reader, you won’t be able to create your course outlines. It’s best to take the PDF files and open them manually before going any further.

Can I use a third party file to save my course outline?

If the Open Street Map application is installed, then yes. You’re free to use Google Maps, Bing Maps, and other third party applications. We recommend using the top sites to locate nearby places. You may want to use Google Maps because they don’t allow you to add your campus data. You may also want to use some of the local maps because they will not show your exact address. It is sometimes cheaper to purchase an overlay map with the exact location that you need.

How can I create my course using a PDF file outside of Adobe Maps?

There are two ways you can use the Open Street Map PDF program and the open-source software Adobe Illustrator. If you have a PDF reader program on your computer, you can create outlines using it. It’s not required, but if you want to edit your course outline, simply click on the orange arrow next to the course name and your outline will be modified.

However, if you do not have a PDF reader program on your computer, it may be necessary to

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