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I have painted in the past using acrylic mediums. I would still say that paint was a viable way of learning how to paint, and it can work for some young learners. It can also be a very helpful way to test your own progress. However you choose to do it, use your imagination.

I can’t paint my cat. What should I do?

Try to paint a cat that you’ve never painted before, because it usually takes you awhile to get it right. It helps if you go over a period of time (usually at least two weeks) before you start painting.

I’ve never painted a real cat, how can I learn?

There are lots of resources on painting for beginners, but I would suggest using PaintItForYou. The site, originally developed by Scott Kopp, is great for beginners and works with almost all types of media (especially acrylics). It also allows you to pick a palette, a brush and a size. It will also make it easier to start and to learn.

I’ve always liked painting the cat, I want to learn how to paint a real one, what do I need?

To paint a real cat (or any other animal) you need to have the necessary materials; namely a paintbrush, clear spray paint, an airbrush or paintbrush and some special accessories. For an in-depth look at the basic paintbrush and airbrush supplies I suggest checking out this article by Michael McInerney.

A great paintbrush is the Fiskars Zebra Brush – it works well for all mediums and is cheap to operate. The downside is that it’s not recommended at all for beginners. You can get a more advanced model brush from Fiskars, but it takes up a fair bit of desk space.
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My paintbrush isn’t big enough. Is it better to have a smaller one?

No, there is absolutely no reason to buy a kit brush. You can find kits on the internet for cheap at most art stores. For example the “Little Mermaid”-scale model kit brush from is around $8. This means if you want to do a full or basic color scheme of that character you need to get at least this cheap-o brush.

Can I paint without an airbrush?

No, you can’t. There are no airbrushes available to purchase commercially that you can buy from art stores. Airbrushes are

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