How do I find my art style?

Do not feel that you have to have your work framed in “traditional” manner. It is very important to keep your art on the table and to put your artwork in a way where you can be easily seen. I suggest creating a small square of black paper. Fold the paper in half along the bottom and then place one square on top of each other, leaving space to see. You can keep your art safe by keeping in mind that “the way you frame your posters is the way you will frame your artwork as well”. It is crucial to keep your art safe and secure.

It is also important to find an art style that fits for you. Do you want to be a minimalist poster lover? You can do that with the classic design or if you prefer more realistic art style, you can choose that too. You may also want to experiment for yourself and find the style that feels right to you. If you cannot find the perfect theme for your artwork, do you think some of the art is too colorful? I always ask myself “does the drawing look cool?” If the answer is no, move onto the next one.

Do you like art by a particular artist? You can always check out their Artwork from Tumblr as I am sure they all had great days. Or you can just pick some popular artist from the internet, like Jockx, or if you want to make your own art, you have that too. Just be aware that you are trying to paint something in the style of someone else and you will never get that right. Also remember that you have to have a unique art style to get picked by many artists, like other posters.

Can all art be the same style?

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No, not all art fits into that one theme, some of it will just look good on you for different reasons. But all of it has to do with personal taste. The way you put this artwork is most important.

As we are talking in the art history, we will start by talking about art styles, the art style. If you are interested in the art of a lot of artists from different times, especially before the 19th century, you should check these excellent posts: An introduction to 20th century art, A guide on how to learn modern paintings, and The art of painting from 18th to 20th century.

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