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I think you have to work within a certain style, and it’s the same for any artist whether they’re an artist or a musician. I think that the way that a style comes is, if you’re trying to become a musician or an artist, that would be your style, but if you’re trying to be a good painter or you’re trying to be a good dancer, then your style would probably be different. So, whether you have a real talent for painting or dancing or painting music, your style would probably change.

You mentioned that you drew the cover of your second album, “My Love”, while driving down from Washington D.C. to Brooklyn, NY on the Interstate 85. How long did it take you to finish that album?

It was about a month, from early August through the end of October [in ’99]. That would take me about three weeks of work, and a week of that was actually traveling because I didn’t have a computer. You know, it took me about three weeks of travel. In my opinion, I think that that was the best album I’ve ever done, because I went from being a little bit of a solo artist, just living it up on my own in my own bedroom, to my first album with the band that I’d been working with most of the time in the studio. It was a more cohesive, much less noisy album, and I think that’s the style that I want to keep, going forward.

Do you have any plans to tour the rest of the year?

Absolutely, and that’s something that we really want to do. I think that “Rock Bottom” did quite well, and then our first two records both sold quite well, and it would be nice to see that continue.

“My Love” was the only album on which you didn’t write lyrics for the original song, “Love On Top”, and it was released on the soundtrack to the film “The Last Movie.” Do you have any future plans to write lyrics for songs released on the soundtrack, or do you think it will work out that way?

It doesn’t really work that way. They don’t get released together on music magazines, so it’s like an odd thing. If somebody asked me, “Would you be interested in writing lyrics for a movie soundtrack next?” I would say, “How did that work?” I mean, it was the first soundtrack to a film, and I never wrote any lyrics for

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