How do you develop a drawing style?

How do you know your style? You know it because you’ve been drawing for a long time.

The first step toward developing your style is to observe your own drawing style. Do you have great clean lines?

I know that my work is not perfect so I have some mistakes that I could use. I do not want that to be a part of my art style but if you like to see your drawings improved then you can start with a good clean background.

How did you decide how to draw your characters? I want to say you’re making some really good choices, especially the male ones as you’ve got great curves all around the characters.

If I had to guess I would say my drawings for male characters are drawn in a way that makes them much more feminine and sexy and they do not have as much hair.

How do you work on your own illustrations in the background? I don’t think you’re doing it well enough with the other characters?

The female characters would sometimes work well with the background and the guys don’t make the same mistakes that they show for the male drawings.

Did you have an interest in manga or anime before starting your career? How much did you read when you were younger?

No, I have always been a fan of animation and manga. I started learning to write when I was 13 and I have always been a big fan of graphic novels such as DC Comics and DC’s Vertigo.

We’ve spoken in the past about comic books being better than films and what that means for you today. How important is it today for you?

It is very important to me. There are a lot of artists who are able to do art that is not in comic books. For instance with my own work I can show a lot more in my comic books now.

What is your main drawing process in character design and coloring?

That depends on what is more important for the story or the character I am working. In my personal artwork I concentrate on coloring the color details rather than drawing detail.

Tell me about your coloring techniques? That is an interesting one.

I use a ton of different coloring techniques. In coloring I don’t use a color pallet. I don’t want to pick a one and stick to it.

There has been some criticism recently about how you are mixing blacks and greys in some of your art. Is that really fair? What do you think about color mixing