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I think a skilled one might be something you have innate, but once you have this skill, then all of a sudden you’re trying to do something new. But I guess it’s pretty innate, I guess that’s what I have to admit. I’m pretty sure that at some point I was like, I’ll try to do something new with my art because I know I have it in me.

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M: How about some of your other skills?

N: I don’t think I’ve ever been good at them, but it’s hard to say because you’re just playing your game and I don’t think I was really good at that. But I know it was something I’ve done many, many times before. I think I know quite a few of them. The thing I’m really trying to do with the website, I’m hoping to keep it more alive. I don’t want it to run out of steam. I feel like I’ve been doing it for so long now that maybe I’ve been kind of burnt out of it. Just like some of the projects I’ve done for other people or for other websites. Like I had this whole idea for, like, maybe it’s not exactly the same but try to kind of re-create my own world without that. It’s just one of those things. I think I’m gonna do a bunch of that.

M: That’s awesome.

N: I think the site is kind of a huge opportunity for me. Like I started it years ago, just like my online persona. But I’m also hoping for something to come of this. It’s hard to explain because you can’t quite describe it in words. And I think that’s what, for me, the main thing is, is the opportunity to try it out with other people and see how people go with it and what comes out of it. That’s really why I’m doing it, just for myself and not expecting anybody else to do it the same way – just to see how people actually interact with it and how people think about it or enjoy it or not.

M: So when you first began with it, how much did it start as you were doing other things?

N: I mean when I first started, I was doing a lot of web design like a lot of the websites that people like the most. So I definitely started off doing some kind of freelance or part time business like that. I had this business thing going on that was

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