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That’s like asking if it’s easier to play basketball or play for a team. The answer is obviously not the same, and it also depends on how hard or what type of skill you are drawing.

In the case of drawing, it is obviously easier than playing a game. You do that and then put in practice to practice. In Dota 2, you are on paper at the moment you decide to start to play games, and the game ends much later than what is seen in a basketball game. But when you decide to go practice or play, your skill level increases very fast and you move a lot faster than what’s happening in a basketball game.

That’s why, if you want to become a pro or even if you become really top player in a country, you probably need to play in an actual NBA game. Or a real competition like a pro league, because Dota 2 isn’t like that. You can be top in a local game, but it doesn’t mean it will be easy to move up a league, because the games are so close in quality. It’s just so hard to make it happen.

What are some ways to practice for skill?

Practice with actual game footage, or play with a team, not individual games, when your MMR is high enough. I recommend playing with a team when your MMR starts to go up. That way you get better at the game, and also the way that you play better. You also get a better practice environment.
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Also, practice with people with the same skill level. That way you get a better idea of how to play. For example, I just got together with two top 20 guys, and it was kind of a friendly match, so we practiced against each other for an hour or two together. When we finished, we practiced against each other again (without playing), but it was really hard to play against a professional player, so we had to play as a team instead. It was a really good practice environment.

You will play against many different people.

Yes. But if you practice with them well, you are pretty sure they don’t all have the same skill level and whatnot. It takes a lot of time to get to an optimal level, and even then, your skill level can fluctuate. It’s just a matter of experience that you get.

I noticed your favorite heroes are those that don’t need a base attack cooldown. When you play a hero that needs

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