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As you know, I am no expert and I just drew some pictures. Here is what I did, and let me know how you like it. Please share it!


AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – Texas lawmakers debated a wide-ranging and largely symbolic bill on Tuesday that would allow transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify, despite strong opposition from conservative politicians, sports organizations and some public schools.

The bill, which passed by an 11-to-4 margin in the Texas House of Representatives, represents a shift toward what many see as a more tolerant and inclusive society for transgender people, who make up a tiny fraction of the population.

But the bill faces a major, statewide challenge before it becomes law, which would be the outcome of a legal challenge.

The bill would effectively ban transgender people from using gender-specific restrooms, locker rooms and sports facilities in public schools and universities in Texas and would impose severe punishments for those violating it. It also would allow those who disagree with it to take their cases to state courts.

Supporters say the legislation is about parental and personal privacy, and that it represents progress in trying to end discrimination against transgender people.

But conservative legislators and opponents in Texas, which has a Republican governor and a large, growing and socially conservative population, argue that the bill will not protect transgender people from discrimination.

“Unfortunately, in today’s society that you walk down the street, you might be perceived and treated differently,” said state Representative Don Huffines, who sponsored the bill.

Some conservatives say the bill will lead to a “men-in-women’s room.” And in the state’s most populous city, Dallas, a high school principal, a high school wrestling coach and others have sued to fight the bill, saying it threatens the well-being and safety of transgender people. The plaintiffs, which included a student identified as Jason, are asking a U.S. district judge to block the law.

In the Houston suburb of Plano, a city about 50 miles (80 km) from Dallas, school administrators who oppose the law have filed a petition for a preliminary injunction, according to the lawsuit.

“I’m hoping to see the court dismiss it in short order, and then they’ll see what we’re doing next year and if they want to sue us instead,” Plano school superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Jones told the news site KXAN. “But I do think it

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