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Have you been inspired to paint yourself? Let us know

Have you been inspired to paint yourself? Let us know

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Sydney, Australia – A major investigation into an attack that killed 12 and injured 80 at Sydney’s Lindt Chocolate factory in the early hours of the morning has revealed a shocking truth…

The factory’s managers, whose alleged criminal activities, including the procurement of a highly effective surveillance system, have already been revealed, have long been running a massive racketeering operation in the industry and are continuing to profit.

The investigation, conducted by Australian Federal Police Inspector David Firth and Australian Federal Police Special Agent-in-Charge Rod Culver, discovered a crime ring that ran the factory, which also ran its own criminal supply network.

The investigation revealed the following network of criminal associates and suppliers which would also take place within the Sydney CBD…


* M-Sport, part of Melway’s M-Sport, was an agent of the crime syndicate.

* An Australian supplier of “graphic pornography”, known in Sydney for its ability to be bought legally, bought its supplies from M-Sport. Melbourne’s M-Sport was an associate supplier of the syndicate.

* Melbourne’s M-Sport had links with two of the syndicate’s suppliers across the globe.

* A local supplier, called E-Vapour, was allegedly a major part of the syndicate’s supply network, and supplied the syndicate with its “graphic pornography”.

* One supplier, known as “Dronez”, was alleged to be a part of the syndicate’s “graphic pornography” production. Dronez was one of eight firms alleged to have bought pornographic DVDs from M-Sport and supplied them to Dronez under the guise of “graphic” pornography. Dronez also supplied a large quantity of porno CDs allegedly to the syndicate, with the intention of passing them off as “graphic” materials.

* Another Sydney supplier known as “Gentlemen’s Club”, has been the subject of several investigations regarding its business dealings with a number of men allegedly involved in the syndicate, including “Dronez”.

* There are further reports of an investigation to discover more links to the syndicate’s crime rings by a second Sydney supplier of ”

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