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It’s not just a couple of women out at a bar for a late night grab and go, it’s a crime.

The two women were leaving a bar Wednesday night when two other women noticed they were getting into a fight and decided to intervene before it escalated into a fight.

Police in Seattle said it all went horribly wrong when one of the women grabbed the other’s wrist, causing her to trip on her own vomit as they fought. The other woman fell to the floor.

As soon as the woman’s companions realized she was injured the two women fled the area. Police tracked down the pair near an apartment building, where they were found hiding the unconscious woman’s body.

Police say the victim, who works at the King County Jail, is in critical condition. Both women are facing misdemeanor assault and battery charges.

Seattle PD says that’s a “troubling situation.”

We recently ran a post on how to use the “saved games” feature on the Xbox 360 to check if the games you own are still on your console, but one reader asked if this would work on other consoles.

The answer is a resounding yes and Xbox One users on PC should also find their previous games will continue to be available for download on Xbox Live.

In a post on XB1 Help, Microsoft developer David Latham explains this is indeed not an Xbox One feature, but does show how you can access this feature from within the Xbox One console.

“If there’s a saved game in your collection, and it is a save from one of your Xbox 360 games (i.e. you have the game installed on another console, and it’s on the same disc), you can go to your game library and find the save files by tapping on any game that has been downloaded to the save file,” he explains.

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“This is really useful for checking to see whether or not any saved games are available if you have any of the games on the disc still installed and are trying to download the game, or if you’re playing a game or disc in preparation to download an update to the game.”

This works

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