What is the best way to learn to draw?

Here’s how to learn to paint!

Drawing Basics: How To Draw A Simple Pattern

First, think of yourself as a pattern. What size should a pattern be? Think of each color circle as a circle or a square. The larger your pattern, the larger the size of the picture should be, but it is all relative. What is the distance between each color circle? How many colors should you draw? What color should each circle be?

I will assume you have an ink pad or digital pen. Make sure your circle is clear, and that each color square is centered on the middle line of your circle, as shown in the video above. (If you draw a picture on your paper without a grid, you might need to use a ruler so you can line up the center of each spot with the center, but you don’t need to worry about this unless you are going to place an extra line to mark the area where it should end.

Draw your circle on a paper or pen pad. You can use the paper or pen as a template so the size you see will always be the same. I often use a piece of cardboard. I draw my circle over the paper with a marker pen, and cut it out with a marker paper cutter. You can see that I have done a lot of these, and you will be able to tell you have done at least a few too.

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Mark the center of each of the color squares with a marker pen and cut out your shape. Make sure your size is correct. I put a little chalk on all the squares so I don’t loose shapes. I then apply color over the mark you drew with a marker pen and cut out with a paper cutter or a pencil-edge saw.

For the middle lines, I draw with a pencil and outline the lines using a bit of marker. Then I use a sharpie marker to cut out the lines I wanted to follow. You can draw the middle lines using either the pencil or a sharpie, depending on the size of your circle or square.

I usually use two colors for each square because I don’t get bored with just blue or green.

How Much Do You Need to Know To Learn To Draw A Simple Pattern?

Now that you know that circle sizes are relative, you need to know that the size of your circle is relative!

If you are drawing a two-color square, the distance from the center of both squares should be the same