What skills do you need to be a painter? – Free Online Art Courses Uk

1. Understanding of materials and tools required for making the paintings

2. Visual/comprehensive knowledge of art work

3. Ability to use all tools necessary to complete a painting

4. Knowledge and confidence in one or more mediums of painting

What skills do you need to be a photographer?

1. Ability to make pictures

2. Ability to manage your equipment and take pictures, without being overwhelmed by the task

3. Ability to make pictures, no matter what is required from the project

4. Ability to understand the nature of the subject and to make pictures that tell a story.

What skills do you need to be a designer?

1. Ability to create a design from a very small design

2. Able to combine 2 or more skills in a way that leads to a final design.

What skills do you need to be a writer?

1. Ability to write clearly, with clarity and precision

2. Ability to write interesting words

How are you planning on making your art? Please tell us what is the most practical skill you will be able to learn and use in order to accomplish the work on your art. What do you wish you had access to before you could make your art?

1. A great studio

2. A good friend

3. A professional guide/help to set up your studio

My first work is very detailed. How did you get an idea of what you wanted to make and when?

I have a good idea before the deadline

If it is an important subject, for instance a love story, do you do research beforehand to understand its nuances and how and when to depict it in the painting?

We researched and did a lot of reading beforehand to understand the context. How were your experiences with the subject matter in general?

The subjects I was interested in were romantic love themes.

Do you think drawing your subject matter is necessary (in order to create a great painting)?

Drawing is important to me in a visual sense, as well as to capture all the details (details I want in every picture). Also for drawing my subject matter, I prefer the traditional lines of what are popular in paintings.

What is your process for sketching the general mood of your work?

I sketch out and visualize my subjects and emotions before I actually start working and work to come up with a

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