Which is darker 2b or HB? – Beautiful Pencil Drawings Of Roses

As a fan of black and orange (I’m actually in no hurry to dye my hair because it’s too bright for me!) I thought these “purple” highlights looked a little over the top.

I think there’s a reason that I love black, orange and purple so much. They all share a similar color that’s quite contrastive with all other colors, but they don’t get lost underneath. In addition, they are both really flattering! (As is orangeโ€ฆ)

Colored Pencil - riverside art
This is a black and orange gradient in a bright pink (as a side note, you can actually choose between dark or light pink too when you’re doing reds and purples!!)

Black and purple look good with white too, just be sure you have enough pigment on hand to get the color you want.

So in reality, all of these are just my preferences I have as I don’t believe anyone else is quite sure on how to go about it exactly. It depends on your hair color, how much you have on hand, and how you feel about this look!

I actually really like white and red, so I do see why these would be more flattering on other hair types. I’ll continue to experiment with these color combinations. But for now, stay strong! ๐Ÿ™‚

This next one really makes me proud because of how bright it is for a summer palette. I’ve already said it in my first post โ€“ the palette is a summery color but you don’t have to wear it all season so I’m pretty positive that other colors would work, too!

I’m going to go ahead and say I love this color combo with yellow or blue too. In fact, I think it’s one of the most versatile and versatile color combinations ever!

This isn’t really one of the “hot colors for summer time” colors yet! However, I do think that some bright summer colors are more flattering under other colors. This one definitely fits perfectly. I especially like it with blue or yellow and orange.

This color actually does the trick with green as well. It really works with some green and red. It’s cool, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This color is super flattering on red hair too, but only if you have the full length. I think black can be more flattering. (I do not wear any purple hair on my head or beard, though.) I have an exception to this though โ€“ if your hair color is black this color is definitely a winner!

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