What are the 2 types of drawing? – Pencil Drawing Birds Parrot

Drawing is one thing and editing is another. Drawing involves the composition of shapes, lines, and the placement of elements in relation to each other and the background. It also involves the interpretation of those shapes, lines, and elements as being “right.”

You are using the “right” in the following examples:

• The line of the circle;

• The shape of the letter, “J”;

• The letter “Z” forming the line of the letter “A”; and

• The lines of the letter “W”, “X”, “H”, “I” etc.

In the following example, the lines “B”, “C”, and “D” are being “drawn” using the “right”. The “right” allows a “more complex” look and feel to your drawing without sacrificing the “depth” needed when it comes to drawing.

• The “right” allows a more complex look and feel to your drawing without sacrificing the “depth” needed when it comes to drawing.

How do you go about “drawing”?

Drawing is difficult but easy. It usually requires concentration, effort, and, ultimately, time. When drawing a figure, you first have to determine which form you want to draw and the direction you want to draw. You have to study how the figure is supposed to appear without any outside influences such as shadows or light. You have to keep your eyes on the model of the figure and concentrate on the line you want to draw. You then study the form as “right” by looking at each of its parts and by using your eyes to determine which way you want to “draw”. You try to “draw” this way with the “left”. Finally, you try to “draw” this way by using your hand. After doing all these things, all you have to do is let your fingers do ALL the work. There is nothing to add, nothing to subtract, nothing to modify.

When should a pencil be used?

Generally, you should never draw in pencil when drawing in a traditional style. The point of drawing in a traditional style is to let your mind do the work. By using a pencil to draw in a traditional style, your “mind” will be put in the “place,” while your “hand” is put in the “place.” In doing this, the “right line of your pencil” can be “pulled” from the “place.”

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