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So far, one team has managed to get a free car to test its system in the first quarter of this year. In that case, the teams are required to run a number of laps on the car before they receive any free vehicles. However, this isn’t a common practice, and this team already had one car for a very specific testing purpose. For the other vehicles, though, the testing process is more open. So far, they’ve had six vehicles for two separate purposes: one for autonomous racing, one for testing their technology, and one for research.

So, the first question is how do they get the free vehicles? Do they just send them to random teams for testing? The answer, according to this car from Stanford’s Cyber Robotics Lab, is: Nope. When it comes to testing, all of the vehicles will be taken to one of Tesla’s testing centers, which have their own set of cars that are already completely wired up for testing purposes. The car will then drive around in these cars for a few days before being returned to them.

The team is hoping to get vehicles at this rate. Of course, the more people they can get testing their tech, the better chance Tesla has of getting these cars down the road.

It’s an unfortunate thing. A car is only as good as the person behind the wheel. If some of these teams can’t get their cars, or are only interested in test runs to demonstrate how well their car can do (and not simply prove that their cars are good enough, as happened a few years back), it’s not going to be good for the industry.

With all of the rumors floating around, we’d expect that Musk is trying to build a big enough group for Tesla to bring some cars to market, and the companies that are interested will surely try. It will certainly be exciting to see one of them go for it, but one team is better than none.

Source: The Verge

I’ve written more about the dangers of an aging, self-sabotaging president before than can ever be contained in one post, and it only takes a few clicks on your cell phone to confirm those warnings. But the story that made my first visit all the more eye-opening was how the president seemed more concerned about his own ego than about the plight of the country.

South Haven Tribune - Schools, Education 2.20.17Not your ...
He’s too powerful to be embarrassed, but too weak to be held accountable.

After his inauguration, I spoke to a lot of

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