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Yes, pets are required to be taxed on every penny paid to support the pets in residence. There are no fees for pets residing in the unit or owner. No tax will be paid on your credit card, and all payments made on the unit are deposited directly into the tax collection accounts. You may also bring your pets to work or your home on weekdays to avoid the tax man’s wrath.

How do I avoid the tax man?

If you choose not to pay your dog for staying in your place of business or for feeding or watering, you may be liable for federal income tax withholding. If you are working in your home, you should keep receipts for all cash and/or check orders for the dog’s food or water and keep a detailed log of your interactions with the taxman. If you cannot afford to pay taxes on your pet, you can also take matters into your own hands and file an IRS complaint (you’ll need to provide a copy of the tax return or your government ID with the complaint).

Can I take my pet to work or my home on weekdays?

Yes, but you can not expect the tax law to cover all situations, and you should be aware of the implications. If your pet is allowed to sleep in your place of business or home, or you feed, bathe, and/or clean a dog at your workplace or home as required by the IRS regulations, do not assume that the IRS will allow you to do this. On weekends and holidays, be sure to check your employee handbook for additional rules and guidelines on pets.

The following page includes information on most of the major features found in the current version of Skyrim, but is not exhaustive. If you have additional information to add, please contact the dev team via forums:
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*NOTE: This page is to be used as a tool for mod development. It may not include all features, but is a good place to begin.

New Features:

New Item: The first of the new items in the game is a bottle with a glowing amber label. It is called Alchemy Kit and has a price of 20 silver, and an ability that activates when placed on a non-player. This ability can heal the target up to 70 health points when used on yourself. You can see it is a normal bottle of potions and will not break.

A New Quest/Feature:

You will no longer be prompted to loot a treasure chest when looting a follower. This

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