Can I make money taking pictures? – Macrostock

Can I do that in the future?

Yes, you can. Some photographers use it to make money, as seen with the ‘How to Photograph a Wedding’ book by Chris Tuckerman on the B&H store. Some photographers shoot on their own time, and some even put it all onto a digital camera as a project of their own. If you want to do that, it’s free! If you prefer it, shoot in your favorite location, pick a good photographer, and take all of your shots yourself. And don’t forget your body. Don’t think about shooting out with a DSLR like crazy. Your body is a much more valuable piece of gear than your DSLR. You’re better off shooting with a Nikon or Canon camera. Take care of your camera.

Can I record on a DSLR with a sound device?

No, you would need a special camera. You can still record on a DSLR with a sound device, though.

What lenses are best for my camera?

The best lenses for your camera should have a wide enough field of view to allow you to move your head around a scene and let the light hit you accurately without feeling like your head is going to fall off. You can do that with a medium lens or a wide lens, and the wider the more accurate your shooting will be. The lenses you choose should have a focal length below 24mm if you intend to do any work with your smartphone or mirrorless camera. A 24mm lens isn’t good for people that work in low light. Also, a telephoto lens isn’t good for people who shoot outside.

Can I use a crop factor on my camera?

Yes. You should be able to crop any image into whatever size you can get, and then use that as a scale for the portrait. If that’s not an option, consider using a light box or a larger lens to capture more information. You could go large, but then you’d be sacrificing sharpness.

Can you use a tripod for this?

Yes and no. With a decent tripod, getting a good shot with your phone has become easier. If you’re shooting hand held, then I would recommend at least a 35mm or 100mm lens to get an even shot. When shooting hand held, I would recommend at least a 105mm lens to get a good shot. When shooting with a digital camera and a telephoto lens, you get an easier shot, because you can control

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