Can Instagram sell my photos?

Yes. Instagram will add your photos as a “recommendations” to others, where they will be presented and recommended to all users. If they are liked enough, those recommendations (which will be displayed as a “star rating”) will be shown to everyone.

My photos are missing a star rating and will not show up in Instagram’s suggestions feed. Can Instagram change that?

Yes. You can view your star ratings for any photo by going to Explore and filtering by “star rating”. This will display your full star rating and give you access to more detail about your photos. Just click on it, and Instagram will change the photo’s star rating so it shows up in the recommendations feed.

How do I know that I am tagged correctly?

There are three ways you can determine tagging accuracy:

1. Do a search for that Instagram user name (using Instagram Search and their Instagram page)

2. Look at any of the users’ likes or comments/stories on Instagram that includes your Instagram picture(s)

3. Search on Twitter (using the #Instagram hashtag) with the user’s name and Instagram photo

2. How do I see if I can change my photo’s caption?

This is important! You cannot change a user’s caption without approval from their content account.

1. Do I have a content account?

Yes, you can create and use custom Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram content!

2. Can I change my caption?

Yes, you can add your own profile photo and change your user profile picture to be longer than the original Instagram photo’s dimensions (in other words, don’t crop for a cropped photo). If you use Instagram to post photos, you can easily add your own captions to the photos; for example, “#newgram” or “I love the food around my window”.

The rules of content account creation and approval are spelled out in Instafollow Guidelines.

This is important because Instagram gives users great access to their content (a way to use and sell content) by rewarding them for sharing their content. For example, if someone is posting a review of a product on their Instagram account, you can make sure that they get a thumbs-up and a star or “like” from your product. Similarly, if someone posts a picture of a brand on their account and gives a link to their website, you can make sure that they know that they’ve