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If you’ve ever tried to make money while using the Internet, you may have experienced trouble. Here’s the rundown for an Internet startup you have probably heard of. This list was compiled after a close look at one of the first startup investors to invest money directly in the Internet, an early Internet pioneer who now advises early Internet investors.

5 Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money
1) The Google of Search

Founder Steve Page, Google’s former Chief Engineer, was a self-described “technology savant” and a “guru” who helped revolutionize the Internet through his Web Search division. A software engineer with the Stanford Research Institute, Page was a pioneer of the Google search engine, and a champion of innovation at a time when Google was the only major competitor in the search market, and the only one that could consistently beat every other search engine in the world. And at the time, his company was growing at a rate of 150% per year. But as time went on and Google became the most important resource in American life, it needed more help.

When Page went public in 1999, he turned over the company to Eric Schmidt, who would later become CEO. At the time, Schmidt was at his peak as a business mogul in search of another business to help drive search giant Google into the future. Google would go on to become the most successful search engine until the advent of Google+.

When Schmidt was brought back to run Google, he found a new focus in providing the same type of Internet services he’d been building for the better part of a decade. In fact, when Google introduced its advertising service in early May, he went so far as to publicly thank Page for having brought in Schmidt to run the company again.

The result was a company that has become the dominant force in the Web and one of the most respected corporations in the world. Since 2005, Google has grown over 500% and today generates revenue of $28.5billion per year.

2) The “Facebook” of Social Networks

Facebook has a much bigger following than even the best-known websites do. The idea of bringing Facebook into the mainstream may have been a radical notion at the time – and Facebook is still very young – but the success of the company shows that social networking can be successful for those willing to put in the necessary groundwork ahead of time.

Facebook’s primary business model relies on advertising, but is designed to function as a social network from the very beginning, and thus is not affected by an influx of

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