Does a watermark count as copyright? – Make Money Online Photography

In general, yes. However, what is a “watermark” depends on the context.

In the case of a song (in music sales)

It is not illegal to put a watermark under a song. (This is why you are seeing more and more songs with watermarks these days).
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In the case of a drawing

While drawing on a physical product is a copyright infringement, it is not illegal to draw on a comic book or a book in progress. Copyright infringement is a federal crime.

In the case of a map

The copyright doesn’t stop a writer or artist who makes a map of a given territory.

Is a watermark important?

If used in a way that is obvious or too obvious, the use of a watermark can be a bad thing. The use of watermarks in the wrong circumstances can also cause people difficulty.

Why watermarks should stop

While it doesn’t stop a watermark in practice, it’s important that there be a clear limit.

It is a trademark. It should not be considered a trademark to use a watermark in a way that is obvious or too obvious. Also it would be very wise to take the time and care to make the watermark and how it appears distinct from your brand.

If you want your watermark to be obvious or too obvious then you have three options:

Use a smaller or lighter font with more letters. Also use a larger font (for a bigger mark and more words in a shorter time frame). Use a font with multiple colors.

The more you use a large font, the harder the design will be to read. Also if the design has more text on it, it’s easier for the person using the mark to scan through the content and miss important info. With more colors, it will be easier for the scanner to have fun and try to figure out which colors represent what.

If you use a larger font, it’s usually more difficult because there is more of it to read. If you really want to get really creative, you could even try to create a watermark on a water bottle.

Remember, all water marks are copyright protected. If you want to use one, don’t be shy about it. However, the watermark must be used in a way that is obvious or too obvious.

Watermark size

This is a very important decision when it comes to choosing the right font

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