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B&H Photo-Optics offers a wide range of used camera and optical accessories at competitive prices. B&H is the largest US optical retailer, with 6,000 retail locations and a fleet of more than 1,900 commercial service, technical, repair and service centers. B&H’s flagship store is located at 500 Fifth Avenue and BH Photo Optical at 483 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10029.

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Talk to the guard who is guarding the gates. Give him the key. Get in the car and take the other route. Find the two people in the caravan. Talk to one of them, and pick an option from this list:

The caravan is traveling to Kvatch. The two people are looking for a caravan. They know a man who will drive them there.

There is a man who travels between Summerset Isles at night. The two people are looking for him.

There’s another caravan coming from Rorikstead. The two people are looking for its driver.

If you choose to travel with the two people, you will find that they will also take you to Rorikstead. This will be a short, easy adventure, as you will have an entire day’s worth of travel ahead of you.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

The Journey to Sky Haven Temple [ edit ]

Upon approaching the gate, you will be ambushed by Denerim, which is the town of Dawnstar. You encounter an Imperial Army scout, and must rescue your escort. If you have completed “The Road Not Taken”, your escort will also be there, and you may ask him to accompany you to Sky Haven Temple to complete the quest. To get to Sky Haven Temple, drive up to Solitude while on the road and turn off the road for half a mile. Your escort will follow as you travel down the road, and you will need to pick up the caravan and follow it to its destination.

At the temple, you are met by a caravan guard, and given a key to the guards’ quarters. If you follow the caravan, they will be in the back of the caravan. If you decide later to leave and enter Sky Haven, you will be unable to return to the guards if you have a key to the guards.

Getting In [ edit ]

Use one of the

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