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There are two methods for locking your photos. They are both based upon your settings.

Facebook allows you to hide your photos, so there is a small lock icon in the photos section of the Facebook app. This should only be used with photos that Facebook has uploaded to them.

If for some reason all of your photos are shared between Facebook and your mobile device, you can just lock them on Facebook, and then hide them when you want to take screenshots.

You don’t need to choose the option you want to use below, when you lock your camera roll; your photos will be hidden permanently in your phone.

How do I hide my photos on Facebook?

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You can hide your photos from Facebook by clicking on the Hide Photo button in your Camera Roll settings. It’s a simple toggle that shows up in the right-hand area of your screen.

How do I hide my photos from my mobile device?

If you decide to hide your photos on your mobile device, follow the steps above. But when you view your mobile device in Facebook, the images will be locked.

How do I hide my photos via Facebook mobile application?

Facebook takes a photo of the photo you’re taking, which then gets sent to your mobile device. But before your photos get there, they have to be loaded into your Facebook account.

Once Facebook has your photos loaded, you can see them when you login to Facebook using your mobile device.

Where the photos will be stored: Your Facebook account, not within your app

Your photos will be stored in your Facebook account, because it’s the place you can access them. You won’t have access to your photos within an app like Photos.

All the photos you take will be on your Facebook account.

Why does my photo need to be loaded into my Facebook app?

If someone else has made you choose between not showing or hiding certain photos, Facebook will load in your Facebook app to display your selected photos. To prevent accidental deletion, we recommend that you only choose the photos you want to show.

I’ve been told that some people are still worried about privacy issues

If you’re worried, it’s important to first understand where your photos are stored, and how Facebook protects it. We’ve gone through this process before to better understand the process when you delete and then hide your photos.

We’ve reviewed some of the comments that many people have given about the idea

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