How do I get Photoshop cs6?

[18:52:12] I’d still be mad [18:52:13] what happened this game? [18:52:13] @Chriz_SC2, You might wanna take that down. [18:52:14] i want to know what happened and whats wrong with it [18:52:15] So the last two maps we played on were P2 and TvZ? [18:52:17] @Chriz_SC2, you dont know it? [18:52:18] @Chriz_SC2 you are the problem right? [18:52:19] @Xamnationx [18:52:20] @Chriz_SC2 I dont believe for me either, my main in this game was zerg vs the terran as a zerg, i only got my roaches by this time. [18:52:25] I dont agree that’s what happened [18:52:26] @Tester_678 you should have asked if the map was changed before going into the editor [18:52:27] @Chriz_SC2 yes [18:52:36] @Tasdes yeah that might be an issue [18:52:37] <%+Turbojeebus> @Xamnationx I am not a fan of the changing of map pool though. [18:52:40] I did [18:52:40] @Chriz_SC2 are you still on Skype? [18:52:43] if you are no longer on Skype, send that to Tester_678. (you can find tester’678 on the IRC as @tester_678) [18:52:46] I still have Skype [18:52:46] is not like you can make maps from sc2 for all of your friends to play on. It’ll be like if you made maps and it didn